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Membership Benefits

Who can have access to this Inventory data base?
Licensed Real Estate Professionals (broker/agents) and our foreign counterparts.

Are you reluctant to hire a sales person because they will need to have access to your data base?
Eliminate or limit your in-house database access through Timeshare Brokers MLS, 24/7, easy access of the information they need without a security risk to you.

Are you out of business every time you are assisting your agents with finding available inventory?
Give them easy access to worldwide real time available inventory data.

Can I increase productivity without increasing my overhead?
Don't hire additional personnel to support your staff/yourself, it's all here in RealTime, 24/7, at Timeshare Brokers MLS accessed on line.

How can I help my owners find the best exchange service out there?
Dial An Exchange LLC (DAE) is the exclusive provider of timeshare exchange services for the Timeshare Brokers MLS.  To learn more about DAE, click here.

"I might as well just sell it myself if I have to do all the work"?
Give them the easy access to real time available inventory data.

How can I manage my office, work with my agents and run my business?
A Real Time, 24/7, on line system to help your agents help themselves. Let's you concentrate on recruiting, managing and your own sales.

Why can't I seem to Attract and Retain a Quality Sales Staff?
Show your agent prospects a Real Time, 24/7, system that works to increase their income (and yours) saving time and money.

Looking for an edge in getting those listings SOLD?
Put your inventory in the hands of Professional Timeshare Salespeople. 20% of the agents sell 80% of the timeshare. Guess what the other 80% sell.

How can I effortlessly provide credible information to my clients?
Easily search for Properties By Resort, Price, Week, Unit size and more all with Email capability (3rd party confirmation), Timeshare Brokers MLS adds creditability.

How current is the information?
RealTime, 24/7 and all on line.

Do I need to buy software or any special hardware?
NO software to buy or install. Internet access from anywhere.

How do I access the System?
Assigned User ID and Password

How do I join?
From the links above select "Become a Member ". Supply us with the necessary info and we will contact you. After all, time is money.

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